Thursday, February 10, 2011

It begins...

Hello, world! My name is Megzie.

I don't really know WHAT possessed me to make this thing. I mean, I already have an LJ, a dA, a Facebook, a Twitter and a Tumblr. Why do I need one more thing to fail at updating? Well... a few things. Back in January when I went to get my fantastically fantastic emo hair touched up by my fantastically fantastic hairdresser she talked a lot about how she had gotten into running recently. She also mentioned a weight loss blog. As I sat there with foils in my face and the skin along my hairline being seared off by bleach I thought to myself, "Hm. That's a good idea."

I've been unhappy with my weight for a while. A long while. I'm not an unattractive girl. No no, far from it. I'm really beautiful, and I mean that with no sense of irony. I have long thick hair, big hazel eyes, a perfect comic-book heroine nose, a heart shaped face, full lips and a very fortunate hourglass figure. I have large, nicely shaped breasts, wide hips and  a (relatively) small waist. (man, I sound like I'm writing a personal's ad... lol). I like my proportions. I just don't like how much of them there is.

I've been steadily gaining weight for about two and half to three years now. As it stands now I weight ABOUT 195lbs. Back in May 2008 I weighed a mere 150lbs. Somehow I packed on 45lbs. Slowly but surely I did.

And let me tell you, I do not like being this weight.

I've had weight related back and knee problems, I don't have the energy that I need to get around every day, and I feel ugly even though I know I'm beautiful. This is not cool. I think I've fallen into that college student routine of working my brain to the bone every day, then coming home and collapsing on the couch from exhaustion and eating whatever is quickest because I'm too damn tired to really put any effort into my cooking. My partner works a fulltime job at an awful mall store, so she's in a similar boat as me. So relying on her to drag my butt up off the couch or relying on her to be the responsible one for how we eat are both out. Not that I thin it's her job to do that sort of thing anyway...

I've tried several times to start weight loss regimens and they all failed miserably. This summer I tried to put myself on a strict 1200 calories per day diet. Guess how long that lasted? This past fall semester I made a decision to walk up Bascom Hill (that's the big fuck-off hill on UW-Madison campus for those of you who don't live in good ol 'sconny) every day. And for a while that worked! But we're in the dead of winter now. I have breathing trouble as it is when it gets this cold. Bascom Hill every day is just not a possibility in this weather.

So I guess you could say this blog is a last ditch attempt at helping myself lose weight. To blog about it. Lets see how long THIS lasts. I got the name from an LJ community of the same name. I thought "Hey, isn't that cool! I could use that too!" So, props to them for the name. I just found it really perfect for myself and my own struggles with this neverending battle of weight. So I borrowed it. I hope that's not going to be a problem.

Okay, so lets start. One thing I have going in my favor is that I LOVE veggies. Oh man do I love me some vegetables. The problem is that they just take more effort to prepare than empty carbs do. Seriously, if they made frozen vegetable dishes as easy to make and delicious as frozen pizza, I would be all over that. But you know what they say, nothing worth doing is easy. So here's to more veggies! Luckily, we have a grocery trip coming up on Sunday, so I'll be sure to stock up on veggies and THIS TIME I'll eat them BEFORE the frozen pizzas. I also found that I really like salads, so lets try to have at least a  LITTLE bit of salad with every meal. That isn't too hard, right? Lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, some croutons, a little bit of dressing. DONE. Is that really harder than a frozen pizza?

Another thing is this past christmas my partner and I were able to score a Kinect. Cristin's a dancer and she'd been wanting to play the new Dance Central game for Kinect. We've managed to play it a HANDFUL for times since we got it, but not nearly enough to justify it. So let's try and do that more often, yeah? How about nightly or close to nightly? It's a fun as heck game and I always feel really good after playing it. I guess it's the motivation thing. Luckily, the gods saw fit to make me a Capricorn. I am the KING of motivation.

Next, no more soda. There are several cans of Mountain Dew and Coca-cola left in the fridge. For the record, this is my downfall. I think Coke and Mountain Dew are seriously the best things EVER. When I die and go to heaven, I want to eat sushi and drink coke all day every day. So, once those cans are gone, they will NOT be replaced. Lucky for me I LOVE tea. Green tea is like my coffee. I can easily drink ten thermoses full of it in a day. In the fall, I got into a routine of bringing a thermos and some extra teabags to school with me. Not sure when that stopped, but seeing as there's free hot water in one of the buildings close to the ones most of my classes are in, I don't see why I can't start again. Lets say one thermos full every hour. I can do that.

My mom does the Weight Watchers routine and they have the saying that, "If you bite, you write." So I'll start doing that too. Thinking ahead to the next day and what I'm going to be eating. Heck, I can pack my own lunch too!

When the weather gets warmer I plan to start walking again. Like I said, I can't really stand the cold and I have a pretty bad sun allergy that keeps me indoors most of the winter when the sun is reflecting everywhere from the snow (Today was what I like to call a "fishstick day", freezing cold but bright and sunny, so I was cold but my skin was burning. Like a fishstick). But come spring and summer when the sun isn't so bad or there are trees to block out the sun, Bascom Hill here I come again!

So, the plan as it is now is:

- Veggies. More of them. LOTS MORE. You love veggies. Make some salad, nub!
- Play Dance Central more. Try nightly. It will help you feel better and maybe even *gasp* relax!
- No more soda. See how long you can make it without caving.
- Plan out in your head if not write down what you're thinking of eating the next day!
- Come spring, give Bascom Hill the what-for again!

I also think I should probably update this regularly with my progress. How does a Thursday/Monday updating schedule sound? Yeah!

I'm really scared I'm going to fail at this again. But really, that's the worst thing that can happen is things stay the same! So why NOT give it one last ditch effort to get into shape? Other people have done it! So can I!

Love to everyone,